Our advocacy, innovation and leadership bootcamps aim to bring together young professionals and students from different backgrounds and areas of interests, to collaborate together to address Non Communicable Diseases through a lens of global health, sustainability, and community action.

This gathering of young change makers aims to build skills in social innovation and advocacy through ‘ted talk’ inspired presentations from emerging local leaders, panel discussions, group exercises and our famous incubation sessions.

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January 2018

NCDFREE kicked off 2018 with our tenth bootcamp in Jakarta, Indonesia. On the 12th and 13th of January, we were delighted to be co-hosted by the Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia, NCD Alliance Indonesia and Smoke Free Agents, marking our debut in the country and the South East Asia region.

The event featured speakers from the Ministry of Health, Republic Indonesia, World Health Organization (WHO), the Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia, Telenor Health, Vital Strategies, CISDI, Alzheimer’s Disease International and many more.


November 2017

On the 24th and 25th of November, NCDFREE co-hosted the Geneva Bootcamp with the Global Health Centre at The Graduate Institute, Geneva. The programme focussed on the adoption of the Commercial Determinants of Health and the Health in All Policies approaches to tackle the NCD epidemic. Event speakers included Professor Ilona Kickbusch (The Graduate Institute, Geneva), Dr Bente Mikkelson (World Health Organization), Johanna Ralston (World Obesity Federation), Vanessa Candeias (World Economic Forum), Alena Matzke (NCD Alliance), Dr Will Stahl Timmins (British Medical Journal), Vanessa Von der Muhll (Union for International Cancer Control) and many more. You can find all the event photos here.


September 2017

On September 22 & 23, NCDFREE presented our first US advocacy & innovation bootcamp! Hot on the tails of the 2017 UN General Assembly, with a forward thinking approach to next year’s High-Level Meeting, this event brought together emerging & established leaders, researchers, innovators, advocates, and communicators of all stripes to tackle NCDs, inequity, and the ‘poorest billion’ on the planet. We were proud to present the bootcamp with health system builder Partners In Health and NCD, poverty, and equity specialists NCD Synergies.
You can find all the event photos here.


July 2016

The Cairo bootcamp marked our first event on the continent and was our most jam-packed bootcamp to date. Reaching the full capacity of 100 young professionals and students, participants were treated to a day and half of Non Communicable Disease and Global Health fun at the 57357 paediatric cancer hospital.

Participants with backgrounds of health, art, engineering, business, music and computer science enjoyed a range of talks providing inspiration and skills in advocacy, innovation and leadership. We were delighted to showcase a range of established and emerging speakers from WHO Eastern Mediterranean Office, WHO Country Office Egypt, Egyptian Ministry, Cairo University, IFMSA Egypt, alongside a broad range of local social start ups.


May 2016

On May 6 & 7, NCDFREE hosted its first Bootcamp in Brisbane, Queensland.

We invited 50 bright minds representing health, medicine, nutrition, consulting, policy and global health, to engage with leaders in health, advocacy, design and academia.

Attendees enjoyed presentations from One Woman Project, Oaktree, the University of Sydney, Place Design Group, Kurubingui Boxing and more … before combining their skills in teams to apprentice with six huge global health challenges and find innovative solutions.


April 2016

NCDFREE hosted it’s first North American Advocacy & Innovation bootcamp in Ottawa!

Our 1.5-day bootcamp connected up and coming leaders with local and international speakers who provided them with the skills, knowledge, confidence and connections to frame their ideas, connect to a team, focus on an angle, challenge the status quo and drive action on the issues they are passionate about. Local & international talent attended including Jesse Cressman-Dickinson, Mitchell Kutney, David Sweanor, and NCDFREE’s co-founder Sandro Demaio and Jimi Michiel among others for a day of new friends, new ideas, and new skills to drive change.


October 2015

Check out our highlights package from our latest bootcamp which was held in Copenhagen.

We had presentations from Sustainia, INDEX Design, EAT Initiative, WHO Europe and Generation Zero. Take a look at our wrap video from the jam-packed event to get a taste for what’s in store for future bootcamps.


March 2015

Our global bootcamps returned to our native Australia, where we’re thrilled to report that the NCDFREE Sydney Bootcamp was a huge success. Almost a 100 local changemakers took part in our event in ‘the Harbour City’, as world-class speakers from the University of Sydney, The George Institute for Global Health, ACHS, Global Citizen, U.Lab, Agency, No Frontiers Media and many more, took to the stage.

By connecting a new community of local changemakers in Sydney we were able to build capacity in advocacy and innovation, crowdsource solutions for us and our partners, and had a really fun time in the process!


October 2014

Our first European advocacy bootcamp was held at the University College London Institute for Global Health.

NCDFREE brought together 80 people from a variety of disciplines with an incredible line up of speakers donate their time, including the NCD Alliance, Futerra, Avaaz, University of Oxford, and Dr. Richard Smith, among many others.


September 2014

Our first NCDFREE advocacy bootcamp was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia.

NCDFREE brought together people from a variety of disciplines including design, communications, the arts, medicine, policy and education in an effort to build capacity in advocacy, innovation thinking and leadership. Imparting the ‘how to’, we had an incredible line up of speakers donate their time, including Simon Griffiths from Who Gives a Crap  and Shebeen, Lucy Richards from Smiling Mind, and Nick Watts from the Global Climate and Health Initiative, among many others.

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