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Podcast: nutrition labeling and the obesity epidemic

Obesity is now a major public health problem globally, including in the United States. Worse, it disproportionately affects children, the poor, and ethnic minorities. [...]

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Feasting for our future as millennials table solutions

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting with Jessica Renzella - an Australian PhD student with Oxford University and a budding global health shaper. She [...]

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Millennials are saving the world one hashtag at a time

Something needs to be done about the state of our health, and millennials have the means, the workforce and the willpower to do it. [...]

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Can we eat our way to a healthier future?

The United Nations General Assembly has declared the start of the Decade of Action on Nutrition. Jamie Oliver calls it a Food Revolution. The EAT Initiative are challenging [...]

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Confronting a Global Epidemic of Obesity and Disease: An Interview with Jack Fisher

NCDFREE is a global nonprofit and social movement launched in 2013 that is committed to expanding awareness on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and the urgency they [...]

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Eat.think.share.solve – #feastofideas

This October, NCDFREE has launched #feastofideas, a one month global effort to crowdsource thousands of solutions to our biggest food-related health challenges from people’s kitchens, dining rooms, local [...]

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